Our vision for the future of Valley Grown Salads and Valley Grown Nurseries strongly rely on the steady and controlled expansion which will take place over the next few months. VGN is already working within 20 acres of modern glass and a further expansion of 12 acres is expected to complete by the end of 2016 with production starting in the Spring of 2017 with the intention to grow English tomatoes.

Family are very much involved in the day to day running of the company with Joe Russo (Jimmy’s son) as Operations Manager at VGN. At VGS, Francesca Russo (Jimmy’s Daughter) works alongside the accounts team as Accounts Assistant alongside Nof Nicastro (Jimmy’s son-in-law) working in Sales.

We believe that we have an excellent workforce and we are slowly carving a good future as one of the leading salad packers and importers in the country. The aspiration is to ensure that all involved with VGS and VGN are fully committed and rewarded appropriately. This is from growers to the customers as the end user and we ensure that we are satisfied with the working practices of both organisations.