Red Peppers

At VGS, our principal line is California Wonder Bell Peppers. We’re involved in producing and selling over a 12 month period with UK production from March to November and imported Spanish produce making up the rest of the year. We supply red, green, yellow and orange fruit and, along with these four lines, we supply baby red peppers. These are mini peppers which are great for children’s snacks. They come in red and are also used for decorative work and presentations. This is an excellent product to eat as it’s extremely versatile. Over the last few years the market for pointed peppers has grown steadily. At VGN, we’re growing red, yellow and orange fruit. This line of production offers an alternative to Bell Peppers and is widely used for roasting purposes. In the winter we also supply a LaMuyo pepper grown in Spain. This is a large Mediterranean pepper, ideal for stuffing.