At Valley Grown Salads

Welcome to Valley Grown Salads and Valley Grown Nurseries! We are a UK based, long-established organisation and a significant-sized grower and supplier of the finest quality fresh produce including sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and aubergines. Based on the Essex / Hertfordshire borders in the heart of the Lee Valley area, and just 20 miles from Central London and airport networks such as London Stansted, we are considered a company of choice with our high-end supermarket clients.

  • Peppers

    Bell, pointed or baby..
    Crunchy and delicious peppers contain the highest level of Vitamin C of any produce item!

  • Cucumbers

    Crunchy and refreshing, cucumbers are a low calorie snack

  • Tomatoes

    The miracle fruit.. tasty and also very healthy because of the high content of lycopene.

  • Aubergines

    A typical Mediterranean vegetable.. still to be fully discovered in the UK.